The 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge // D 7, 8 & 9 Hot Yin’s


One year ago in the hectic city named Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam I discovered Yoga and what a difference it makes to your life. Both Vietnam and Yoga are now very important parts of my life. Click here if you want to read about how I started my path with Yoga in Vietnam. It has now been 3 months since I left Vietnam and I miss it quite terribly. Actually, 3 months right on the day. Wow.

I am now in Calgary, Canada. For my comeback to Yoga I chose to go with ‘Soul Hot Yoga’ right by Deerfoot Trail on 126th Ave, Calgary. I did a few regular Yoga classes in Vancouver but I was definitely missing the heat. I was more than happy to discover that I am surrounded by Hot Yoga studios in South Calgary and that they offer a 40$ unlimited trial for a month. So… why not make the most out of it, make it a challenge, go 30 times, every day for a month? See what it actually does to my body and mind.

As Hot Yoga is super popular in North America I thought this would be something interesting for a lot of people to follow. How will she feel after the classes? Which class has which effect? Which muscles will hurt afterwards? Will she make it? Does the heat actually make you loose more weight than regular Yoga classes? Are you able to burn up to a thousand calories per class, as the rumors say? Does the heat make it easier for you to stretch? If you google those questions you will get all kinds of results. So I want to give you the chance to actually follow me through my challenge, I will even weigh in and share it with you because well, I don’t give a shit ;). I’ve always weighed about the same, 55kg +/-. As right now, 1 day before I start my challenge, I am in the + section, 57,5kg (127 creepy pounds), I wouldn’t mind loosing some of that during the challenge. But it is not the point. I’m curious. I wanna test the rumors and really get to the bottom of that blazing topic of ‘Hot Hot Yoga’ . If you are too, well here we go! Day 1 will start with a class that is called ‘Power Vinyasa Flow’ at around 30°C. I want to take it easy for at least the first two classes before I actually enter the hot room and ‘Soul Hot Yoga’ offers a couple of warm classes for explorers.


Day 7: Hot Yin

9 -10 PM

Instructor: Jaime

I was wrecked that day. I have a new secret that is keeping me busy, on a very physical level. I hope it won’t influence the challenge too much. That is still went that day is a strong sign, because I was just in pure pain. An Aspirin before class and I really thought Yoga and relaxing through it might help the physical pain. I went to the Hot Yin class which starts at 9 PM. I was looking forward to going to the studio that time, traffic wasn’t heavy and as I’m an owl rather than an early bird I love to do things late. It really calms me down, I felt like I am spending precious alone-time and doing something good for  myself. Hot Yin is about stretching deeply and trying to deepen poses peacefully as you’re holding them for 3-5 minutes. The class was packed, I would guess around 40 people, it was very hot and I liked the poses Jaime chose us resting in. Again, a very different class. She begins class with a practice for your breath, which I admire. With your right hand on heart center and your left hand on your belly, we breath deeply in our belly first, holding the air and exhaling slowly, and breathing in our chest doing the same. This makes you acknowledge your breath and the way the air runs through your body, and while you concentrate and feel the stream inside out, it is quite fascinating. This practice made it easier for me to let go through our exhales during the long, bendy poses.


Day 8: Sorry Guys. I partied in a Limo instead.

I was busy all day and I got invited by a friend who’s sharing my secret to go party at Cowboy’s, a club downtown Calgary. She won the Limo ride and it was very sweet of her to say yes. It’s been a while since I’ve made new friends and met people, so I couldn’t say no, and I couldn’t fit Yoga in. Sorry to let the challenge down…hiiya…but I wore high heels and made some moves, at least!


Day 9: Another Hot Yin

9 – 10 PM

Instructor: Jaime

I got home starving at 6 PM, so having early Canadian dinner I couldn’t go to any of the classes at 6 or 7, as you need to give your body time do digest. So I went to another Hot Yin class and I was looking forward to it. I was soo tired and almost fell asleep after dinner, the only thing I could imagine handling was a Yin class. The room was packed again, the poses a little different. I also like that class because it reminds me lots of the first Yoga class that I followed at my very start, in Vietnam. Instructor Jaime is just adorable. Welcoming you with all her sweetness by the reception and then coming in with trying a little chit-chat with the non-responding yogis who are already in their mode, haha. Her voice is soothing and the music she chooses is wonderful. Today she played Bon Iver, one of my favorite bands. The stretches fascinate me because they really show you what’s going on in your body! You can see that everyone is different and so you never have to feel bad about not quite getting to do every pose. You might be strong at one pose, but not at another, and it is the same way for everyone. This doesn’t apply just for different poses, but also for the different sides of each pose. Jaime let us do a fold over in Deer Pose today, and it felt completely different with the right leg front than with the left leg front! I feel like Yoga is spreading my awareness about my own body and leading it towards positive acceptance .

Excited for the next 3 classes!

Radio station decided I had to share this song with you all tonight:

And I love it!

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