Indian Dinner Part 2: Ramsay inspired Spinach Curry

You can cook a curry at home. Yes you can. It is no problem. If you’re doing it for the first time, it might get a little expensive gathering all the spices together. If you want to keep it lower in the price, you can try to find a good ‘Curry’ labeled spice and check its ingredients list (definitely: coriander, turmeric, chili, possibly: cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cumin) . If you want to know which spices are elementary for Indian cooking, read through my documentary from Baba’s kitchen!

It would be helpful if you had a blender at home to quickly create a curry paste in which you will be frying onions and your choice of meat, to get started.

For your curry paste:

Red Chilies
Lemon Grass
Curry Powder (Or your combination of Coriander & Turmeric)
Oil to make it more liquid

Check out this Video for help on the paste:

What goes in this curry?

Your choice of meat. My #1: Lamb
Fresh Spinach

Cut meat into cubes. They don’t have to be too small, we want to cook the meat super tender anyways. Remember, if you’re using chicken (thighs, my suggestion), you will only need around 30 minutes of cooking time so go for that if you don’t have much time OR you’re on a budget. If you’re using lamb or beef, you might be cooking it up to 2 hours or more. You will see. Sometimes the meat can be stubborn and you feel like it just seems overcooked, give it more time, it will loosen up.

You can marinate your meat into curry spices beforehand, if you feel up for it, and use a little alcohol. Marinating in alcohol helps the meat to loosen up and become tender in the cooking process.

Roast a few cumin seeds in a non sticky frying pan / pot, whatever you are using, until you can smell it in your kitchen. Don’t burn it, add your curry paste before that happens. Let it boil and add half rings of an onion to it. Let those two cook until soft and add the meat to it. Cover your pot and let the whole thing take its time.

Towards the end, in case of spinach, 10 minutes before serving, just stir your fresh spinach in. Add coconut milk if desired.


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