The 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge / Day 11 Hot Detox


One year ago in the hectic city named Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam I discovered Yoga and what a difference it makes to your life. Both Vietnam and Yoga are now very important parts of my life. Click here if you want to read about how I started my path with Yoga in Vietnam. It has now been 3 months since I left Vietnam and I miss it quite terribly. Actually, 3 months right on the day. Wow.

I am now in Calgary, Canada. For my comeback to Yoga I chose to go with ‘Soul Hot Yoga’ right by Deerfoot Trail on 126th Ave, Calgary. I did a few regular Yoga classes in Vancouver but I was definitely missing the heat. I was more than happy to discover that I am surrounded by Hot Yoga studios in South Calgary and that they offer a 40$ unlimited trial for a month. So… why not make the most out of it, make it a challenge, go 30 times, every day for a month? See what it actually does to my body and mind.

As Hot Yoga is super popular in North America I thought this would be something interesting for a lot of people to follow. How will she feel after the classes? Which class has which effect? Which muscles will hurt afterwards? Will she make it? Does the heat actually make you loose more weight than regular Yoga classes? Are you able to burn up to a thousand calories per class, as the rumors say? Does the heat make it easier for you to stretch? If you google those questions you will get all kinds of results. So I want to give you the chance to actually follow me through my challenge, I will even weigh in and share it with you because well, I don’t give a shit ;). I’ve always weighed about the same, 55kg +/-. As right now, 1 day before I start my challenge, I am in the + section, 57,5kg (127 creepy pounds), I wouldn’t mind loosing some of that during the challenge. But it is not the point. I’m curious. I wanna test the rumors and really get to the bottom of that blazing topic of ‘Hot Hot Yoga’ . If you are too, well here we go! Day 1 will start with a class that is called ‘Power Vinyasa Flow’ at around 30°C. I want to take it easy for at least the first two classes before I actually enter the hot room and ‘Soul Hot Yoga’ offers a couple of warm classes for explorers.

UPDATE: I am down a pound, almost two, after the first week. That is not much could as well just be a good day to jump on the scale ;-). But we will see how it continues!  


Day 11: Hot Detox

6 – 7 PM

Instructor: Candace

The Hot Detox class involved more movement off the mat compared to the ‘Hot Yin’ and ‘Hot Restorative’ classes that I did before. A lot of relieving Breath-Movements in Uttanasana (Standing Fold Forward and reaching back up) and a lot of the twists were performed in a Warrior pose.

Feel free to browse and research yoga poses via or . Those are very helpful and interesting sites.

I didn’t have my best day yesterday. I unfortunately had a break the day after the Funk’n’Flow class because I had no time to make it to a class. I didn’t feel sore at all, but during the Hot Detox my legs felt super weak and I didn’t manage to release my head and mind and build up strength, focusing on the class. So it was kinda disappointing compared to the classes before, but that’s ok. After all, your ‘performance’ during the practice depends highly on everything that is part of your day. What you ate or what you didn’t eat, how much sleep you got, what you’ve been through during the day, etc. No practice will be the same. And some of Candace twists were new to me, which is always nice because you are learning something, but of course you won’t be doing them as good as other poses you are used to. And I have to criticize one thing, I didn’t like the choice of music so much. Adele’s ‘Someone Like you’ has been played up and down in the radios for such a long time and the lyrics are so strong, I couldn’t relax to it. At the end she let us do a common twist, with a simple variation that made a huge change and I loved it.

It is the ‘Two Knee Spinal Twist’ pose , lying on your back, knees bend 90° shins parallel to the floor, spread your arms out to both sides. You slowly lower your knees to one side with your exhale, and then turn your head to the other side. I love this twist. Candace let us do this twist with our legs tangled in each other before lowering them (Bring your right leg over the left one and then tuck your right foot underneath your left ankle). While I lowered and turned my neck I had my back cracking and it felt great.

Now my question. Is it actually good if your back is cracking during Yoga, or can it be dangerous?!


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