Confessions of a girlfriend

This post is for girls only. Boys not allowed!

Firstly, I must confess that my boyfriend and I are one of those sickening couples that send each other “I miss you” texts two seconds after saying bye. Even though I love my boyfriend a lot and I love spending every waking and every sleeping second with him – when he is out of town –  I also enjoy my time alone.

I am lucky that we enjoy a lot of the same things. And I am lucky that he even enjoys things simply because I enjoy them. That makes life very pleasant for me. However, there are some things, that I just can’t do or don’t like to do with him.

So here are my confessions …


I listen to Usher, Alicia Keys, B2K, Christina Aguilera… All those songs that I can sing by heart, know all the dance moves to, and used to kiss the posters of. I turn up my stereo (and by stereo I mean my Macbook) and listen to all of the songs that are just not acceptable to listen to for any straight man. So I suck it up and save these tunes for the times I drive alone in the car or when he is out of town.


America’s Next Top Model. Gossip Girl. Jersey Shore. Geordie Shore. Glee. Gilmore Girls. Hart of Dixie. You’d think a guy wants to watch a show about models or a bunch of crazy people getting absolutely mortal – but turns out, he really doesn’t. He will watch Gilmore Girls with me (after all, it is one of the best shows ever!), but not ANTM. So I enjoy watching all the mind numbing, crazy, romantic, ridiculous, guilty pleasure shows when I have some time to myself.


To make that ANTM experience perfect, I like to eat tons of ice cream and cheesy Nachos when I watch skinny girls. I am just weird like that. And who better to cheat with than my good friends Ben and Jerry. So, why not eat that when my boo is around? Well, he doesn’t eat chocolate. I know, it’s crazy, but I can deal with that, considering he is otherwise perfect. But that is the reason he does not understand why I need to eat half a kilo of chocolate fudge ice cream. Nom. Get in my belly Ben and Jerry.


Doing my nails. Oh he hates the smell of nail polish and nail polish remover, the sound of a nail file and the fact that I need to spend hours doing my nails. So as soon as he is outta here I get out ten different colors, collect all the little stickers and sparkly stones I can find and turn that manicure into a party.


I call my girlfriends. Okay, that is not that special, because I still call them when he is around, but I can finally talk to them about him. All the fantastic and all the annoying things he does, and just discuss relationships and boys in that gossipy way that us girls like to talk. But psssh don’t tell him that!


The last thing I would like to confess is that I not only love him and love him loving me, but I also really love myself. And I love showing that to myself.

Also, I love you all. And I hope that you love yourselves just as much.


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