Vietnamese in Calgary: Pho So 1

Translated, this Vietnamese place is called Number One Phở and so far it seems like it is keeping its word. The phở I had a couple of days ago was just ngon qua. Absolutely delicious, almost Vietnam level. I ordered ‘Tai Nam’ as it is my favorite, meaning raw and brisket meat. The brisket was as tender as it can get and the raw meat was really good, not too chewy with a great taste. I was happy! And I couldn’t even eat the Small Bowl which was 7,75 $, much cheaper than lots of places in Calgary. Definitely the best place in South-East Calgary, beats Rice for King, Vietnamese at Shawnessy and don’t even have me talking about the Sunshine place on Canyon Meadows.

Plus, you get a whole can of delicious hot tea with your soup, and a place already wins me with providing little bowls on the table, to make a sauce for your meat. Follow this link if you want to know what Vietnamese people dip their meat in! You can make it in 30 seconds at every Vietnamese restaurant :)

Take a look at this picture, I think it is convincing enough!


















There are just 2 things that never seem to come true outside of Vietnam. The most essential herb for eating Pho called ‘Culantro’. Nowhere to find. And the original, big and soft Pho rice noodles. Nowhere to find! Why is that????

Pho So 1 on Urbanspoon

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