Yoga: Savasana. Pain or Relief?

What to do if the pose that is supposed to bring total relaxation brings you pain

Savasana (Shavasana) ‘simply’ describes the pose of total relaxation that everyone who does Yoga knows. The last 5-10 minutes of class should always be filled with Savasana. Your down on your back, whole body on the floor. Everything loose, legs to the sides, your feet can find their way rolling out, pointing to the walls left and right of you. Your hands are palms facing up beside you. You close your eyes and try to relax your body and mind completely. It’s not easy to let go completely, but it is still always so nice to just lay there and just try to erase all those thoughts that are tossing and turning, thoughts about past, future, plans for the week, what to cook for dinner, etc. etc. Even if it doesn’t work a hundred percent, just the attempt, focusing on your breath. Focusing on the energy that fills the room, which is also getting released at that exact moment.

But what comes after can be quite painful. For me, every time, ever since I started Yoga. When I want to pull my legs back up after Savasana, and roll over to the side to slowly get up to seated, the pain in my hips is quite bad. The other day after my ‘Hot Detox‘ class it hurt a lot and I asked teacher Candace about it after class.

And there we go. It is very common! Most of the people practicing Yoga know this feeling, for some it will decrease after a while. I told her that I’ve had it ever since I started Yoga and she gave me a great tip that I tried today after class, and it worked so so well :).

SOLUTION: During Savasana, simply place a block under each of your thighs. Your bum should still be on the floor, just your legs will make a little bow instead of being flat on the floor. 

Aaaaand… no pain! Yeha!

If you are in the Bikram practice, where no blocks are used, you can lay on your side until the problem hopefully will go away.

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