Vietnamese Food in Winnipeg: Coconut Garden, trời ơi, ngon quá!

We left the city we exploited for Vietnamese food for a couple of days, and where did we end up having dinner in Winnipeg? At the Vietnamese place around the corner. Of course. We are pathetic. But what can you do about it? It’s great food.

We made our way to Coconut Garden, a place at the corner of Ellice & Victor Street. We stayed with wonderful girls on Victor street who sent us this way. Yeah, by the way, if you’re ever traveling in Canada, use Air B’n’B, lovely people renting their rooms out to way better prices than what you get ripped off here in hotels.

It was freezing out, but this place warmed us up inside out. The only glance to the cold and outside world is through those pretty little coconut trees in the windows.


I had Pho with Chicken, which I like to take when my stomach feels a little rough. Murray had rice with pork chop. Now look at that. Don’t they both just look perfect? It was great food, zero complaints, and absolutely lovely service that already wanted to convince us to live in Winnipeg ;). Well, what else could I say, GO!


Coconut Garden Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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