This is ZUPAdream’s first movie review .
Or something like that.  


“Worried about the air, the water, the sun. […] Worried about endangered species. It’s arrogant. Almost 90% of all animals are gone, distinct. Psshhhht. Gone. … Weee didn’t kill them…[…] Leave nature alone. Haven’t we done enough? Leave nature alone. We are so self- important. Everybody is gonna safe something now!

Safe the trees

safe the bees

safe the whales

safe those snails!

And the greatest arrogance of all : Safe the planet!  We haven’t even found out how to safe ourselves! How to take care of one another!”

George Carlin – The Planet is Fine, the People are Fucked.

George Carlin’s performance is making fun of those who want to change the world – because yeah, frankly, they’re not going to, and, most of what’s fucked got fucked by mankind. Now we’re living the earth+Plastic, and it’s too late to change that! I laugh about some of the things he says, he might be the one who’s right, but unfortunately I am one of those ‘Whyyy are we heeere people’ and every other week I lie in bed thinking holy shit I do nothing great for anyone. Or, holy shit, I’m wasting my time away, there it goes by, while I’m sitting here wondering what to do with it.

I had one of these moments about two weeks ago, it was night, probably 10PM. I was sitting in my room in suburban Calgary, so no, no chance to go for a walk outside, find a bar to hide away and drown the worries. So I went, hey, I know something enlightening to do! How about that gross animal abuse documentary abuse called ‘Earthlings’ that I downloaded when I decided to educate myself about vegetarianism & veganism? Sure, I’ll watch that to cheer myself up before bedtime. Great idea Kris!


Sometime towards the end of last year I figured I needed a new challenge for cooking and baking, and as I knew I had a month in Germany ahead of me, which would basically mean meat everyday, a lot of meat, I thought about trying to go vegetarian, learn about aspects of vegan lifestyle and gluten & dairy free baking and cooking. I’ve heard about it so much since it gets more and more popular, and I want to know about the why’s and how’s.

I talked to a friend of mine who I always knew as the biggest meat-lover of all times, telling me about him eating vegetarian and vegan for a while already. Of course I wanted to know ‘how come??’ and he said that it just disgusts him how we stuff our faces with what we buy in the supermarkets, pork from sick pigs who eat each others tumors, dairy full of hormones, etc, etc. He told me about how he makes pretty awesome stuff that sometimes even tastes like meat, without having to buy and eat those gross things. And every now and then if he get’s the chance to eat a ‘good’ quality, natural piece of meat, why say no?

Of course that got me thinking. I knew there were plenty of documentaries out there showing the reality of where our meat comes from and I never wanted to watch them because I simply didn’t want to destroy something that I loved.

I love food. I didn’t want to ‘limit’ this love. Now, don’t ask me why, I think a bit differently. I feel like there is soo much to learn about food, and by learning about Vegetarian, natural, healthy, or Vegan cooking I rather broaden my horizon!

Anyhow, another friend of mine told me about this documentary called ‘Earthlings’ which covers all aspects of human exploitation of animals, not only the meat part. Not for nothing it is called the ‘Vegan Maker’ as it addresses not only the usage of animals for food, but also for science, entertainment, pets, or fashion.

This trailer for Earthlings features the part of it that might make you want to watch it: Joaquin Phoenix enjoyable words, not only by their sound but also by their meaning. His voice is always there, 95 minutes long, there for you when you are ready to close your eyes.

But then there’s this other part. The part that’s just going to make you hate me. Why did you infect me with curiosity for this gross horror movie? Well, sorry guys, but it’s reality. It’s not one of those Zombie Horror pieces of fiction, where actors wear a ton of make-up to look creepy and walking-dead. This, dear lovers of life, are actual creatures literally walking-dead! It is painful, it is unbelievable gross. Especially because it is unbelievable, we should watch it. It took Shaun Monson about 6 years to realize this film, because it was so hard to get all the pictures he wanted. Most of what you see is filmed with hidden cameras. All participants of this movie are practicing Vegans, and whatever part of it get’s you, it’ll get you one or the other way.

  1. Most likely you are an animal lover and you will feel sad about the cruelty.
  2. You might also be a meat lover, and while you watch these pictures all you really see and think of are the piles of meat in Walmart, Superstore etc. that you regularly buy, cook, and swallow. Yikes.
  3. If you’ve ever thought about the fact that you’re actually biting in something that once was alive, and now is dead, if you’ve ever thought about biting in your own arm when you ate your steak, that thought will definitely get stronger.
  4.  It will get you for the parts that you haven’t included in your thinking yet. The milk. The leather. The eggs. Seafood.

The producers of Earthlings wrote out a couple of ‘simple’ solutions to the problem.

I am not sure if you could phrase it this way, but I would say I am not a very radical person. I hope this doesn’t mean I am not passionate. For example, I feel that I am very spiritual but I haven’t found my way to any God yet. And I feel like there are good sides and bad sides to religion. Similar with politics. I kind of know my position, but I don’t want to be radical about it. I don’t want to stand strong on one side because I don’t want to become discriminating to the other sides. I try not to hate and I dislike discrimination. I am explaining all this, because, even though I am writing this blog, this movie review about Earthlings, I have to stay truthful and tell you:

I don’t think I will ever be a full-time 24/7 Vegetarian / Vegan.

But since I started this project in February, I am pretty sure I want to go this direction. At least. And I want to encourage you to face reality. Years ago, I remember my sister becoming a Vegetarian for a while. I couldn’t understand it. I didn’t have the mindset to understand it, and when she explained, I might have been able to see some points but I thought, you know, it’s never going to be big, it’s never going to make a change to the world.

Now I think it might, one day. Maybe one day the access to meat will be limited. Wouldn’t that be a beginning? Who knows. But, if we do limit ourselves, because we are grossed out by the meat, but we know we’re not going to change much. isn’t that just selfish? Don’t we fall into the type that Carlin loved to make fun of? The selfish and arrogant ‘I’m a Vegan, I am better than you’? I don’t think so.

Our generation has changed so much into thinkers. We question everything and it is good. We do what we want and it is good. We walk against the crowd and it is awesome. We are not restricted by the ‘It-Has-To-Be-Done-Like-This’ moral that one or the other might hear every now and then from his grandparents or parents. We want to be free. And we don’t have to eat what’s on the plate anymore. We can change that. We can figure out different ways. And in the end, if it’s selfish or if it will actually make a difference later, who cares.

If it makes me happy to chew on my veggies all day, if it gives me energy and makes me feel like I am doing something great, than I will be a better person. Because I am happy and confident. So I can pass this happiness along to you. And if I infect just one other person with my happiness, than isn’t that not already enough done?

I figured out a couple of solutions for myself, and I am excited to find out if I will stick to them, hope is up. 

  1. I won’t be super picky when I travel and when I am invited for dinner and somebody has cooked for me.
  2. I won’t buy meat from the supermarket anymore.
  3. I won’t prepare & cook it myself anymore.
  4. Try a Vegan week every now and then, see how it goes, how it feels like, and share the experience with you.

I am just thinking about this particular situation around New Year’s. My uncle breeds his own rabbits for his own consumption. He loves to breed them and have them butchered and cook a wonderful, festive meal for his family every now and then. My sister did a great job being honest and telling my 5 year old niece what she was eating. I will never forget this little girl standing in the dining room, looking at her plate and saying:”I am not so sure if I want to eat this cute rabbit. Mom, why do we eat some animals and some we don’t?’

There we go, this is the future right there.

I am advising you NOT to watch a short trailer for the movie. It took me a week to digest a bad trailer that I found and I was discouraged. I actually made it through the whole movie that night I told you about earlier. Of course, it did not cheer me up, but it felt like I had done something useful. The question is, are you brave enough?

Here is the movie in full length. Many people thought this movie is never going to go around the world, is never going to find an audience, and here we go, almost 2 Million Views on youtube alone for this one. Phoenix said “of all of the movies I’ve ever made, this is the one that get’s people talking the most… for every one person who sees Earthlings they will tell three.” I hope I am telling more than just three this view.

I am not trying to make Vegans out of you. I am sharing an experience that I personally found enriching. This movie was an experience. Humankind is the biggest problem on this beautiful planet. I’ve known for a long time that POWER is what makes many of us hateful and bad. Something in us can’t handle it. Animals are Earthlings just like we are. Their hearts beat and their brains function, more or less similar to ours. Animals are something we can rather easily gain power towards. And as so often, we don’t use this power right.

This review is also a prefix to upcoming recipes and aspects of the V-Lifestyle. I would LOVE to read your comments, either on this blog OR the movie. Down below, you can easily leave comments with your facebook account.

Thank you so much for reading.


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