Mexican / Spanish Dancy Salsa

I want to make this quick & short.

This salsa is a fancy one, but it is so easy to make with such a special taste, it will make you dancy.

It’s vegan as well, it could be raw as there is no special need to cook it. I prefer it slow cooked like Papi Jose taught me, cause the flavors just cook through and through and the color of the Salsa turns into a dangerously beautiful read.

You can serve this salsa with oven baked vegetables. Cut potatoes and / or sweet potatoes in wedged or slices, spread on parchment paper, sprinkle with olive oil and fresh rosemary, bake for at least 45minutes. If you’re not vegetarian, bake chicken breast the same way. It will turn out heavenly soft and juicy. Or have it in tacos with greens. Or with a white fish filet. Have it with Nachos. Or with a fried egg. Well you know, some people just salsa everything.


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