Quote Me: “You plant something great. I you stop, it’s gone!”

I discovered a new, awesome Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary today.

Driving by with my bicycle the other day, I saw the name “Pho Pasteur Saigon” and I knew I had to go, because there is a very famous Pho restaurant on Pasteur Street in Saigon that I used to go to, back in the day, you know.

So I went today and my first VNese food check went well. There is hot sauce and hoisin sauce and fish sauce on the table. The food that is being brought out looks fantastic. The menu is small, which is always good. It is mostly Pho, I usually eat mine ‘Tai Nam’ which means rare & brisket, but as I am not that big a meateater anymore I asked them if they could replace the meat with Veggies. Oh my goodness, they made me happy! I will be back with my camera and write a proper food review soon.

A Vietnamese man came in and talked to the girl at the till, and I could hear from his accent that he was southern and she probably northern. I started chatting with the girl about where she is from, she asked me what I did in Vietnam and I told her that I left because I didn’t feel like doing something great in my teaching position and feeling unfair because I got paid so much more than my Vietnamese coworkers and assistants. And of course, she says something beautiful, because, I don’t know, these Vietnamese, they always do.

“But you do something great, you do something wonderful! You help these kids, change their future. It is like you plant the tree, you plant it, and then it grows, if you stop, there will be no more trees!” (Female, living in Canada, originally from Northern Vietnam)

I can’t help it. My heart still beats Vietnamese.


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