City Lights

This is a little something, a little positive piece of whatever, about why living in the city is beautiful.

And how living in the city should affect your mind positively.

As much as I love the outdoors from the bottom of my heart, the city gives you something else, something essential.

The city is so real.


So vibrant.

It makes you feel small. It makes you realize that you, you are just one out of these billions, spinning in a circle looking up these skyscrapers.

It makes you feel big, because you made it out here. Because there are options and possibilities just around the block.

It shows you that happiness is in your own hands, only you can make the best out of every day, while you ride down Centre Avenue, filled with happiness, passing by friends, hugging each other dearly, while tears are rolling down their cheeks.


Every moment counts. There are so many heartbeats out there. Some of them hurt, others, at the same moment, dancing in joy. People in cars, rushing somewhere, so many of them. They’re all going somewhere. All their heads are filled with thoughts, doubts, day planning.

We’re all the same, and we’re sharing this place. In the same time, we’re all so different.

Let the city lights guide you towards being a nice human being, respecting and treasuring these other souls, floating around.

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