Gluten-Free & Vegan Lasagna

The base for this recipe is Zucchini instead of Pasta, Cashews for the creamy, cheesy part, pesto and mushrooms.

This recipe is highly inspired by this rawsomeveganlife. 

To make this, please follow the link provided and prepare the exact same pesto & cashew sauce. They’re just genius. So so so delish! All I did to the recipe was roast the Zucchini ‘Lasagna Plates’ at 350° for about 20 minutes, and pan fry mushrooms in garlic, chili & chili oil (processed with a mortar before, tiny bit of coconut sugar added). Then I just layer one goddess after the other.

Cashew Sauce
Cashew Sauce
Sliced Sundried Tomato

Tada :) 


I served this with *Tabouli Salad mixed with fresh tomato and tomatillo!

*tabouli is a middle eastern salad based on minced parsleys and cracked buckwheat.

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