Welcome to zupadream, it is super having you here!


Lovely that you’re stumbling upon this blog, Jen, Jasmin, Khanh, Rebecca & Kris say Hi and welcome!

zupadream started out September 2012 with Kris and her leaving her country of origin, Vietnam being her home for a year.

Starting almost 2 years ago as a space for creative short readings, travel reports and ‘Traveling Recipes’, our 2014 Focus is highly centered around the following topics:

Recipes & Aspects of Vegetarianism & Veganism, Cleansing
– with a focus on Vietnamese / Saigonese Food if possible.
Mexican Food
DIY / Draw & Cook Art
More Sports! Active & Healthy Lifestyle!
More ways out of that quarter-life-crisis thing with the help of our Life Coach Jasmin
Book & Movie Reviews 

You can find our featured posts all throughout the right of this sidebar, with an image and a title leading you there.

Enjoy !

Lots of Love

the team <3

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