Sprout it!

Do the simple things make you happy? Like fresh air in the morning, new flowers growing in the backyard, your ‘shuffle all’ playing the right song at the right moment…. and sprouts on your chickpeas?

You should, because it is simply the only way to stay sane in our fast paced environment. Enjoy and live the moment. Move your body, listen to it, give it what it needs. I am pretty sure none of you loves the feeling of being bloated, unfortunately that is what the consumption of nuts, beans, lentils etc. does to a lot of us. My personal mega-bloater are unfortunately chickpeas.

But there is a way around it! Soaking & sprouting! Yeha!  Not only does it help your guts in working those nuts, it also releases more nutrients. So yeah, we should soak and sprout as much as we can. And as it is pretty darn simple, too. Soak your beans/lentils overnight, closed lid. Dump water, fill into a Mason Jar. Cover with a cheesecloth and close without the snap lid. Store it in the fridge or a dry/cool place. Rinse daily.

And then….one gorgeous morning….you will wake up….. with these babies! And you will be jumping up and down :)

IMG_20140428_164357 IMG_20140530_162554

Simply, give love and you will receive. Treat your nuts & co with lots of love and they will be so good to you.


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