How to cook Phở !

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oh holy pho[Whole recipe can be downloaded in VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE at the end of the post!]

Phở, the Vietnamese love affair.
A VNese mans wife is his rice, is what he needs, a strong, reliable and much valued constant. But Phở, they said, “Phở is what every man wants, but can’t have.”

That’s how good it is.

It is the masterpiece, my friends, because I woke up at 6am on a Saturday morning for this, to spend 6 hours dedicated to this delicacy, that probably is worth to be chosen your last supper. One of Vietnam’s national dishes, THE dish that every tourists knows but pronounces wrong, heard or seen on a TV show or read in his lonelyguidebook. Not for nothing, between all the fantastic soups this country perfumes its streets with and enchants his visitors, Phở is the most particular one, with a special taste that simply screams ‘Vietnaaaam’.


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