Vegan ‘Waiters-Late-Night- Phở’

After, after all, my heart still beats Vietnamese. 

Too hard to believe that I almost left the country one year ago, I am aching to go back, not only to see my dear friends out there, but just to take in every moment of living there. Riding through the city on a mad moped, stopping at a little stall for food, and making these beautiful souls laugh with a simple gesture or few of my Vietnamese vocabulary.

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I know, I know, you can’t speak generally about one nation, but I am sorry, I love Vietnamese. Even here in Canada, I got a key cut and I heard the old couple speak in Vietnamese to each other, it makes my heart jump a tiny bit and I grin and say ‘Cam On Nhieu’ (-thank you very much). And boom, the face of the woman transforms into sheer happiness laughter and appreciation. Yes, that is why I love them. And that is also why I am quite upset and full of worries right now, reading the news about the situation between China and Vietnam turning into something more serious. But let’s not talk about this now.


But yeah, because of all that, it is no surprise that I come home late at night, extremely fatigued, craving a good old Pho. So whatever. I make one. Here are just some very simple and quick instructions to my fast and easy version of a Veganized Pho. I have to mention that Pho, traditionally, needs to be made with beef broth. For the real recipe that I learned in Saigon with a family from the North, click here

‘Veganized Pho’

– roast cinnamon, lemongrass, garlic, star anise on low heat until it starts smelling great. [This is the base and the secret to every Pho. Usually added in a little bag to the beef broth].
– add (homemade) veggie broth. use vegetarian beef broth if you can find it in a natural food store.
– boil up, then strain the spice-givers out of the broth 
– choose your veggies. thinly sliced cucumber, lettuce, avocado, cilantro, sprouts. whatever you want! how about dried mushrooms?
– vermicelli rice noodles (Banh Pho) till soft
– place noodles in bowl. add broth. add vegetables. squeeze lemon, slice chili. 

And there you go :) Enjoy everyone!


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