Vegan Apple Crumble

A dream come true.

Quoted Vegan:

‘Fluffy cake topped off with crunchy apple, creamy rhubarb & the crispy poppy seed crumble. Perfect amount of sweetness’. 

Quoted Non-Vegans: ‘Sorry Kris, your cake is all gone, it was just sitting there, we couldn’t resist.’

This one is so good guys, really, so good. I published this at the beginning of the year as a regular recipe so I will indicate amount of eggs in case you’re not vegan and you don’t have the egg replacer in house. BUT, read my Vegan Baking 101 and find out that you will very likely indeed have an egg replacer in house!

I made this on Saturday and I will make it again, maybe replacing the apple with strawberries, tomorrow. I am so so happy with this vegan version. This is a delicious almost entirely oil & sugar free Fruit Crumble Cake, it is a winner and a keeper. I only used a little brown sugar on the fruit and the crumbles are made with coconut oil & brown sugar. As soon as I have it back in storage, I will replace that with coconut sugar though, so that’s what I will indicate in the recipe.

Look at this picture, just look at it, dig it, and again, it’s oil free, it’s almost sugar free,it’s as healthy as a cake can get (unless you’re looking for gluten free) and it is vegan. 

This is based on a German recipe, by the way. I don’t really cook or bake a lot of German things, but yeah, every now and then I sure do because we’re great at it! Coming up soon in the savory department: Carrot Potato Stew!



The second best thing about this, it looks like a lot of work, but it really is one of the fastest cakes to make.

Preparation time: Total of 20 minutes, 5 of them while cooking.

Cooking Time: 35 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375°F.

Ingredients for ‘Cake Base’ 

1/2 cup of Apple Sauce (your oil/butter replacer)
1/3 cup of Powdered Sugar (I know I know..I will figure out how to get rid of this)
1 cup of Flour with 1 tbsp of Baking Powder (add flour later on slowly, you will want to have a flexible, soft dough that is slightly sticky)
2 Tablespoons of Protein Powder (your choice, I used Hemp Protein)
3 Flax Seed Eggs (Read Vegan Baking 101 for more info) – 6tbsp. water w/ 3 tbsp. of flax seed [your egg replacer]

This will be kind of an in between of batter and dough. It should be super fluffy, easy to knead & a little bit sticky/moist. Spray your cake pan with some veg. oil and press cake batter down so that the sides are an inch higher than the rest.

Slice your fruit of choice. Awesome combinations are:

Apple & Pear with a Raspberry Jam Topping
Strawberry / Blackberry with a Rhubarb Topping

Place sliced fruit in the ‘cake bed’. Sprinkle with some coconut sugar.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Prepare your Crumbles:

1/4 cup of melted Coconut Oil
2 tbsp. of coconut sugar
1/3 cup of flour
1 tbsp poppy seeds

Mix it up nicely with you hands, add more flour if needed. You will want to have a dough that easily shapes crumbles!

Take the cake out after 10 minutes. Spread a scoop of your jam of choice, or, even better, homemade fruit compote on top. (I used rhubarb, boiled and mashed). Top up with a nice layer of poppy seed crumbles. Back in the oven for 25 minutes.

And that’s eat!

Here are a few more pictures, in some of them the cake was not vegan yet! Coconut Oil would have been replaced by butter, as well as apple sauce, protein powder by pudding powder, and the flax seed by 3 eggs. Do you see the difference? Believe me, you feel the difference.

Thanks for giving this a read and considering cruelty free zuuupa [super] baking!

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