Vegan Baking 101

‘No thanks, I don’t eat meat.’

– ‘Oh, you’re a vegetarian?’

‘Actually, vegan.’

– ‘Wow. What do you eat???’


Yeah, to all the readers, that is quite likely what you might ask or have been asked. Vegan. So. No animal products? Fuck, really? Let me think about that! That means no eggs! And no cheese! And no butter! How do you exist?  Actually, better than ever. And – what do you eat?

– Everything I ate before, I just make it. Just…better ! 

Here we go guys, this is VEGAN BAKING 101 :)

Educating myself about a plant-based nutrition & life style, not only did I learn about how to replace eggs ( which seems oh-so-difficult) and the endless opportunities to do so, no, I also learned all about replacing oils, refined sugars etc. etc. etc. Generally speaking, if you’re not a complete stranger in the kitchen, a vegan, plant based lifestyle will automatically transform your food into something healthier. So what I would like to start out with here is some links & promo to blogs that shaped my path into Veganism and rocking Vegan baking.

  • OhSheGlows
  • Forks&Beans (Probably the most awesome, graphic summary of egg substitution)
  • The Rawtarian
  • This Rawsome Vegan Life

Basically replacing the egg is so much easier than you would think. To start with a few well known ingredients that might just be sitting on your shelf / fridge anyways, you can use bananas (yep, that simple), tofu, or apple sauce. All these work out well as binders, but after practicing and trying out a lot of things, I myself like flax seed the best. Bananas & tofu can give baked goodies like cookies a strange consistence and strong flavor, while apple sauce can turn out making it very heavy. Apple sauce btw. works great as an oil replacer. Banana bread for example is the easiest thing to make Vegan, as it is packed with mashed, ripe bananas the eggs are kind of a total waste in there. Click here for a delicious Vegan Pecan-Crust Banana Bread.

Flax Seed ( about a tablespoon mixed with 3 tbsp of water) ends up having the exact same texture as an egg and therefore binds just as well. On top of that, it is a unique nutrient packed with omega3’s and fiber. Read more about it on

I got this little egg-tray at dollarama just because I am silly and I like to take my Vegan Eggs out of it for baking, but really any containers work well for you. I would prepare a big mixture of flax seed and water and fill it into containers that give you the replacement for one egg. Sitting in the fridge, the flax seed & water mixture will form into the perfect, gooey vegan egg! 


I do not miss butter at all so far, and I even just used a recipe by Jamie Oliver for ‘Lemon Butter Cookies‘ and replaced everything, and they are the best cookies ever! Earth Balance does do a great butter replacer I’ve heard, and I might soon give it a try for a new cookie creation.

If you’re not only moving to a vegan diet but try to include a lot of raw meals into your ordinary life, maybe go on a raw cleanse every now and then (blog post about that coming up soon…) you will extent your food knowledge to a whole different level. You can make Raw Vegan Cakes that look like this:

Basically, moving to a plant-based diet will blow your mind. You will keep learning & feeling every day and if you love the kitchen, you will love the challenge, and mastering it.

Here are just a few more pictures of the Vegan goodies I’ve been baking. Please feel free to ask if you have any other question!!!!


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