Manhattan Piss OR New Yorkia


new york, new york,

you stinky, kinky burning hell,

you’re aching it’s making me feel oh so swell.

filthy mattresses and black gangster rap caresses

the bronx until it reaches bonx-‘de-‘ville, just over the hill,

where the light-white heavy-rich pitch a line of

‘have a great day!’ out of their cabriolet [-lay],

and norah jones moans ‘back to manhattan’ out of the radiO.

while you run a lunch at the ‘bistrO’.

Back to manhattan it is, the piss [midtown]

its smell almost well about to crawl back up your nasal,

but unimportant as glamour is potent

it comes in skin & bones and elegant robes,

called Maryliz & Hazal.

Free Love from above

the Empire State Building screams, beams in rainbow colored lighting

it is pride parade, Chealsea the sharade,

dancing to the music of life, thrive

alley to alley the nirvana of today,

but the bridge is just a hitch


Leaving downtown with a frown

grasp a breathe from Brooklyn the skyline under your chin,

jews & youngsters, he’s & she’s with fleas hosting markets

giving away their goods with holes as wholes,

for at least a bill, a dollar bill,

true NYC sweat, if only you let.

New York, New York, you are a zoo, boohoo!

A cage of sinners with wings to fly so high.


Now you do think I hate this place

as I write it in a haze,

let me tell you, just you

that it is so untrue,

as I shed a tear at LaGuardia

wishing I could still be one of those

New Yorkia.

illustration: SERIES ‘Unnaturally‘ click to see whole series.

copyright kristinzimmer, all rights reserved.

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