Berricot Powerbars

Is there anything better than eating healthy, nutritional, raw, cruelty free food that tastes like candy ? No, there isn’t! Good, I’m glad we agree on that, here is a new recipe for you :) These Berricot ZUPAballs/bars are powerballs made from superfoods. They will satisfy your cravings for something sweet, without any sugars added, they are gluten free and they will give you energy, nourish you and you get some protein in as well.


To make these delicious bites that will get you out of bed in the morning waiting in the fridge, all you need is: 

  • a few pecans or other nuts your choice (soaked, please)
  • flax seed
  • chia
  • pumpkin & sunflower seeds
  • coconut flakes
  • hemp seeds or hemp protein powder
  • cocoa powder

Pulse these ingredients in a food processor. I didn’t measure anything, I just let it flow, ya know, go with your feeling, I just used about a handful of nuts, and half a handful of everything else ;) After you pulse these dry ingredients you add the following magic for thickness and to glue your superpowers together

  • a good handful of dried apricots. maybe two. your call ;) also you can use / mix with dates or figs!
  • a handful of blueberries
  • a good tablespoon coconut oil

Pulse some more!

You can add some whole seeds afterwards, mix it up, shape as desired, keep refrigerated and snack away!

Much love,


PS: these were highly inspired by my friend Mikala & This Rawsome Vegan Life.



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