Vegan Creamy Spaghetti with a Sting

What do you think about when hearing ‘stinging nettle’ ?

‘Ouch’ ?

Yes, in your childhood these weeds might have been nothing but in your way, but now, now that you’re all grown up, you can actually reverse their sting! For your own good!

Get out there, walk through the woods, get some grounding and pick as many nettles as you can. Because there is sooo much you can do with them.

First of all..

  • tea, always and always…
  • pesto (even raw!)
  • or sautéed replacing spinach!
  • or, as used in the following recipe, in Pasta 


Why would I?

“Contrary to popular opinion, the common nettle is more than a pesky, stinging weed. It has — since ancient times — been an important source of food, fiber, and pharmaceuticals. […] For over 2,000 years, doctors have recognized the herb’s ability to stop all kinds of internal and external bleeding, and considered it a good blood purifier. Taken as a tea, it has been found to help cure mucus congestion, skin irritations, water retention, and diarrhea. The beverage is also said to help nursing mothers produce milk and it also stimulate the digestive glands of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. Applied externally, nettle tea — it is claimed — relieves rheumatism in both people and animals, makes a first-class gargle for mouth and throat infections,  helps to clear up acne and eczema and promotes the healing of burns.”

* Read more:

So yeah, it is pretty awesome stuff! and it tastes even better than spinach simply sautéed with garlic.

Here is my ‘Creamy Spaghetti with a Sting’ Recipe for you :) 

Fry Stinging Nettle leaves with garlic in Coconut Oil or Olive Oil until soft

Meanwhile, bring your eggless Spaghetti or Pasta of choice to a boil OR Spirale a Zucchini if you wanna skip the Gluten!

Prepare the sauce in your food processor/blender:

Mix together:

  • Sesame tahini
  • Your choice of (dairy-free) milk
  • A scoop of Nutritional Yeast
  • A scoop of Vegan Cream Cheese from your local health store OR homemade Cashew Cheese
  • Flavor with Salt, Pepper & Green dried Herbs of your choice (Oregano, Herbs de Provence..)

Whip it up!

Mix with your choice of (z)noooodles.  I used both Spaghetti & Spiraled Zucchini :)

OH AND GUYS. For your raw Pasta I can only suggest this one, perfect, greatly grating instrument called the ‘Veggetti’- You can get it at Walgreens if you live in the states. Just found this sweet ad for you haha. Now I had a laugh and I also know how to pronounce the Veggetti properly and less sexually sounding ;-). No, but seriously guys, this tool is from heaven, or as a friend said ‘It works grate’.




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