Trans-Canada – Past-Self

I’m writing you from PEI. Prince Edward Island, very very east in Canada, where the St. Laurent meets the Atlantic Ocean. The snow has been mostly washed away the past two weeks, while we were making our way over, to the long awaited island and our most eastern point visited in Canada. I’m writing you with a terrible headache that has been going on all day, and that doesn’t want to get washed away with drugs, but rather written words. I know why it hurts. It’s been so much in 2 weeks, and so many thoughts are crashing in my brain like shooting stars.

When we set off I felt very peaceful. A long month of preparing the departure from Calgary, what became a home, selling things and giving others away, and the endless goodbye dinner’s and drinks. It was exhausting. So even though I couldn’t leave house and friends behind without shedding a few tears, I was still so relieved to finally go. The sun pushed us out strong, always behind our back, giving us the unexpected perfect 15-20 Degrees for the first 10 days of our journey. Finally focusing on my writing and reading, working with Eckhart Tolle’s Teachings of “The Power of Now” which really, everyone should read, I found peace withing the moment, whenever I could hunt down a trespassing thought I would label it ‘future or past’ (thanks Megan) and push it out with the help of the trees, the prairies, my boyfriend, anything present. It worked.


We enjoyed the tiring drive much more than expected, it wasn’t all that boring, watching the landscape change, and really, nothing can ever bore you if you like looking at trees ;). My secret tip! Saskatchewan and Manitoba were very similar, Winnipeg got us with its unique ghetto but arty charm and a 100% vegan burger place (soooo good @Boon Burger Cafe). We kind of started collecting funny facts about cities we visit, and Saskatoon started out with being so incredibly dusty, which we learned is prairie sand that was buried under the snow and turns into a complete mess after the snow melts ;). Winnipeg’s fun fact. Twins everywhere you look. I am not even kidding you. It was utterly confusing. Within a 1 hour walk through the city we probably saw about 4-5 twins!


Our comfort zone was pushed more and more to the edge with reaching Ontario and the present fear of hitting a moose in the dark, being welcomed into Thunder Bay with an amazing light show of dancing lightening. We had to stop next to a petrol station and finish our driving earlier. Better safe than sorry! Our nights sleeping in the car are uncomfortable, as we don’t have enough room to sleep in the back with 2 people, so we just set up both front seats, watch a nice movie together to relax, and then we sleep. Very very thankful for those sleeping bags we invested in.


Thunder Bay and Sleeping Giant were absolutely beautiful, and while we head to Kitchener to relax with our dear friend jeremy’s lovely family, we spend 2 nights couchsurfing and 2 more in the car. Couchsurfing has always been extremely different and extremely interesting. You get the real feel for the town you are visiting, that is for sure. Thunder Bay apparently is pretty big in the rap-scene!


Kitchener Waterloo, and its surroundings like Guelph and Elora are simply beautiful. Every European that has lived outside of his continent for a moment will dig it. It struck us with history and beautifully charming old buildings, even more than Quebec and Quebec city itself. You just want to run around picking flowers and singing french songs! Toronto welcomed us with a heat wave in mid-april, it was a Friday night, we dipped our feet in the soft beach of Toronto Island and pub crawled our way through day and night. It was absolutely fantastically unforgettable. Everybody was out, the city was buzzing with life. I bought a jacket for 1 dollar in Kensington. The day after, we were taken away by surprising 2 degrees and blowing winds.

Ever since then, the weather is pushing us further away from comfort, drizzling rainy day blues on me. I keep losing myself into past sadness and future anxiousness, both positive and sad. Thinking more and more about what I want to do, and be. New studies I might take on. What I want the essence of my life to be. And how to integrate the current relationship with a wonderful person into a new life idea? Thinking about the kitchen I want to experiment in, the living room I want to play in. And searching for a sense of this journey. Feeling like this kind of traveling is selfish. Being so tired of telling different people every single day about this trip, about my life story. I just want to say ‘It doesn’t matter, I am here NOW!‘ but that wouldn’t be polite.  Going back to my resolved ‘Travel Debate‘ post, seeking for help. It’s not like I haven’t had similar thoughts before. But do I really need to be dragged down by them so far? After a moment for myself, today, I held my aching head in my hands and said ‘No!’. I’ve already found out much about what I want to do with my life, and I probably would never have if not through this journey and ‘discomfort’.


So I keep on going. In a few days, we will be in the States. And maybe in a few months, we will be enlightened by South-American Culture.

We’ve already been cooking, creating and collecting many wonderful, simple recipes for Vegabonding and cannot wait to release them!

Talk to you soon,


2 thoughts on “Trans-Canada – Past-Self

  1. Andreas Reh says:

    I can imagine how hard it is with a ongoing f*cking headache, all this beautiful things and people, you can not really enjoy. Thanks for the insights and pictures. Canada….brrrrrr, I´m more in a Californian or Florida age and mood, I’d love to sit at the beach house, trink tee and look at the people….or South France…even better…but thats a different story :-)
    Greetings from Germany! (which insn´t so bad, only sometimes it is simply too narrow and full)

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