USA – Road Tripping beyond with

Hey guys,

Greetings from Halifax :) It is charming, and very very rainy here while we sit a lovely place called Humani-T Cafe which has been suggested by our couchsurfing hosts for 2 nights, who replied quickly and we are excited to meet.

2 weeks and a half were enough for me to explore a lot about how I feel about life and traveling, and I talked to Andrew today and we decided to workaway our way through the states! I am so happy about it, because it takes a bit of the selfish part that this way of living simply is, away and opens us up to helping people that need it, more or less, and learn new things.

So here is the release of our second map, roughly, we are going to drive through the states like this. Don’t know why the lines are flying around like this ;). Of course, the route might change, but these are our big points! So far, we are waiting for a reply from NYC Brooklyn, to help a young entrepreneur with his Yoga studio (DREAM COME TRUE!) and we will be spending a day or two with a community in Hudson! Looking for a farm to help in the Blue Mountains of North Carolina afterwards, and then maybe helping on a sailing boat in Florida, living with a family or again, farmwork for 1-2 weeks! That is the plan for MAY, afterwards I am sure we will find a memorable adventure in Louisiana :)

Route USA

Explore the treasures of and start dreaming, helping others and yourself!!!!ย 

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