NYC on a Campers Budget

7 nights in NYC for 100$ (Transit and Accommodation)

Are you willing to camp? For a city visit such as New York City, where everyone wants to look fresh and their best, a Campground is probably not the first thing you will take into consideration for exploring the city. Well, we did take it into consideration, hungry to finally put up our tent, after cold nights in the car in Canada. It wasn’t our first pick, but after contacting up to 20 couchsurfers without and positive reply, we weren’t really eager to check out the 200.000plus more available couches and thought about camping.

Andrew found a campground called ‘Getaway’ and even though it didn’t sound super good online, the location seemed fun to us so we went all-in. To our good! Seriously, a thing proven already, do not make desicions based on reviews. Especially negative reviews. I refuse to read negative reviews because I think people that write them most of the time are the problem themselves.

Anyhow, this campground was fantastic. It is an old airport (as a matter of fact, the oldest and first Airport of NYC, therefore loaded with history available at the museum that belongs to the park) that has been transformed into a beautiful area for fishing, camping, running, with a lot of trees and right at the water, even a small beach is available. The amenities are luxurious, warm showers and super clean washrooms open from morning to afternoon, for the night you will have to use dry toilets, nature, and tabs for brushing your teeth and washing your hands just outside by the old runway.

The campsite with all of its amenities is operating from May 3rd until November 3rd.

I don’t know if our price was off season, early May, but it was only 20$ per campsite! Split by 2, or if you have a bigger tent…3, 4 people. That is like a giveaway!

Every spot has its own bbq and picnic tables. The runway is super fun to play on, go running, just be aware of cars that like to speed on there for obvious reasons ;).

Upon checkin at the Ryan Visitor Center you receive if pass for your car which is your permit and allows you to park anywhere in the park, which is great cause you can park the car right by yhe visitor centre and be right aby the bus stop, to take Q35 towards Flatbush Av. You ride that bus for about 15 min until the end station, where you have access to all buses deep into Brooklyn or the metro right into Manhattan, and the Bronx. The transfer will be up to an hour at least depending on how far you go.

So yes, you spend a bit of time commuting, but yo save a lot of money. Also, for transit, definitely purchase the 7 day metro pass for 31$, if you will be using it for 2-7 days! Totally worth it, unlimited use of both metro and buses, whilst a regular 10$charged metro card will be empty in a day. And if you have days left because you are leaving earlier, you can work on your karma and give them to new arriving campers! Yay! That’s how we lucky ones got ours :)

So there you go, Imagine 7 nights in NYC for 140$ Accommodation, divided by two makes 70$, plus 30$ transit everywhere, 7 days in NYC for 100 bucks. Woop woop! And you are both in the city and nature. The campsite is like a real recharge from the heavy-hearted city stress, if you don’t mind the airplanes that go in and out from JFK airport. We didn’t find them annoying at all.

So, save money, camp in NYC and get woken up by an orchestra of birds!

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