RAW Vegan French Apple Tarte

Mhhhh playing around with leftovers of ground oats for veggie burgers led to the creation of an unbelievably tasty and nourishing raw take on a traditional French Apple Tarte! A sweet crust, topped with freshness of apples. Honestly… I would prefer this raw, cool tarte to the traditional baked one any summer day!

A wonderful thing about raw sweets is, once you’ve got the hang of it, you don’t need recipes anymore but just play with your favorite ingredients! Mine, are for sure oats (much cheaper than nuts and combined with my second favourite…) Coconut Oil (tastes sooo good and coconut oil, because it hardens when cooled, keeps both crust and filling in a nice shape! Make sure to buy unrefined, cold pressed organic coconut oil for raw sweets).

A bit of maple / agave syrup, stevia or dates for sweetness and you’re good! this was done without a food processor.


I simply mixed ground oats
with some natural peanut butter
A pinch of Stevia
some sliced dates
A pinch of salt
Coconut Oil

Freezed the crust down for 10 minutes
Layered sliced apples mixed with
Apple Sauce
and Coconut Oil !

Sorry I don’t have exact measurements, I was just playing around! Learn making perfect raw desserts from my favourite blog thisrawsomeveganlife and then just get flowing and playing :)

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