The border belt – Where Vietnam meets its favorite enemy

Missing Vietnamese Adventures <3

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“We love the words hoa binh,

Hoa binh means peace – first hoa, then binh:

Hoa means ‘together’ and binh means ‘all the same.’

When we’re all together, no one is parted.

When we’re all the same, no one’s at war.

Peace means no more suffering,

Hoa binh means no more war.”


*Vietnamese song from the 19th century

(Source: ‘When heaven and earth changed places’ by Le Ly Hayslip, 1990)

Northern Vietnam.

Being a very lucky girl, I had the chance to visit northern Vietnam and explore quite a big part of it by motorbike; I even had my eyes on China and was just a footstep away from it, which made me think a lot about the situation between China and Vietnam, historically and presently. To make it easier for you to feel something behind the words and pictures of this travel report, this introduction…

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