Egyptian Koshary 

During our time in North-Carolina I learned how to cook an Egyptian dish. Wait, what? Yes, that’s right! We were staying at a wonderful retreat farm located in midst of deep forests of the Brushy Mountains, where we met Asmaa, a beautiful young lady who grew up in between New York City and Kairo. Not only was it magical to see her excitement for nature, as she rarely has the opportunity to spend so much time right in it, but I am also more than thankful for the great talks and the introduction into this traditional Arabian/Middle Eastern dish. Apparently you will be able to find this at any restaurant, from fancy to street food. And it is also one of Egypts healthier dishes, as Asmaa said a lot of food comes deep fried.

Koshary is made out of 6 main constitutes, cooked separately and then mixed all together. So simple. Yet so flavorful. And full of all those good carbs. And plant-based proteins. It is to fall in love forever! And yes, a hundred percent Vegan. Made with

  1. Rice
  2. Green lentils
  3. (Elbow) Pasta
  4. Chickpeas
  5. A garlicy tomato sauce
  6. Caramelized Onions



I like to add a bit of parsley too,for color and flavor… :)

To begin, cook lentils, rice and elbow pasta all separately. Use brown rice and/or brown rice pasta if you want to make this meal a complete protein in itself! (*The only upside of animal based protein is it being complete. Plants need to be combined to form a complete source of protein)

Then I combined all those three together as Asmaa did, and mixed them all up with a touch of yummy Pumpkin Seed Oil, any other oil like olive, grapeseed, or nut oil will do. Add salt and pepper to taste as well!

Cook chickpeas. I flavoured them with a bit of cumin and really liked that! And again, salt and pepper to taste.

For the tomato sauce, either blend a few fresh tomatoes with a few cloves of garlic, and simmer for a moment, or mix garlic with already pureed tomatoes and heat.

For you caramalized onions. Heat up some delicious and healthy coconut oil, and fry the onions watching and stirring closely until they start browning. Sprinkle with a bit of sugar and continue until crispy.

Layer and finish with the caramelized onions! Enjoy and feel extra strong :)



Here is a link to Asmaas blog, filled with beautiful picture of our time ‘working’ in North-Carolina.

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