Labeling Humans

Austrian Vegan Chef Sophia does not only cook amazing food and create great recipes, she is also socially conscious and not afraid to speak out. This picture that she posted on instagram the other day, which for once wasn’t food related, caught my attention even more.


Translated into English, her sweater says ‘No one is illegal‘ or, ‘no human is illegal’. A slogan created almost 20 years back by German anti-racial groups, that I’ve never before come across. It started a whole process of a lot of different thoughts in my chaotic brain and I felt like caring and sharing.

Isn’t it truly crazy that we can combine the word illegal with a human being?! I mean, I get it, I get it, immigration policy is a difficult matter and hard to be perfected. Yet, the rich, the privileged should have enough resources and will power to provide shelter. 

Being a traveler of course you are constantly thinking about immigration policy. Having to arrange visas, worried to leave the country you’re in a day too late. A day too late, imagine, would connect the word illegal to yourself! Isn’t that just absolutely nuts?! You could be treated as a criminal, and banned from certain countries for a lifetime. And would it have changed that country to the worse, if you has overstayed? No. It wouldn’t. No one would even notice. Watching people having trouble getting their visas to stay in a country and as well, leave their own country, for h* sake, is simply devastating. It drives me more and more mad about politics, which I never wanted to get into and maybe never will, unless I am ready to go totally ape-shit crazy. Every person should at least get the same chance to come in and out from one country to the other, without big hassle and money involvement. We are trapped in the cage of what we call our ‘nationality’, what so many people are proud of practicing patriotism. Don’t you notice that that is stupid? You’re proud of being limited. 

So I will keep dreaming about open borders or that island of peace yet undiscovered. Just kidding. I know none of that will ever happen. Which is why I rather spread the word. If you get the chance to work on refugee camps, I think that’s a great way to help. Demonstrations, I have not quite made up my mind about and am unsure of their positive outcome. 

Another dream that I am going to keep dreaming for a bit is this one: Imagine being blind. Of course, at first, you will think of how sad that would be, not being able to see the beauty of this planet anymore. But think about it. How would being blind affect our interhuman relations??? Wouldn’t that be the most refreshing thing on earth? The society we are born into, makes us visual observers of our own kind. No-one is happy with what they have but would much rather look like the other one. We, myself especially, over analyze facial mimics and gestures of our friends and partners. Most of the time we will pick our lover because of the visual part, leading to break-up at one point or the other, because that part is just not that important. A lot of us will treat people with a different ethnic background in a whole other way, just because of our society. People with disabilities. WOMEN. All of these receive that odd special treatment, just because of that superficial visual.

Personally, I am going to try treating people as if I didn’t see their outside. This is going to be my new experiment. 

No one can be illegal. Illegal doesn’t go with human. We are all the same. 

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