Vegan Parmesan 

This is an easy peasy recipe to create something that every vegan household, and traveler, should carry. You’re 2 minutes and 2 ingredients away from enhancing your life with Omega3 and B12….and most o all: deliciousness.             

 What you do is simply grind nutritional yeast (grinder,mortar,food processor) and blend walnuts (food processor/blender) until fine and crumbly. Combine with your nutritional yeast, a touch of salt and pepper as well as any Italian dried herbs you would like to add.

The nutritional yeast is enhanced with B12 and walnuts are the healthiest nut to consume, being high in Omega 3, which we all should have more of in our diet. Enjoy :) this is absolutely shelf and travel stable! 

on beans. with soy sauce=magic beans by ‘bonzai aphrodite’


3 thoughts on “Vegan Parmesan 

  1. Wendy says:

    Hello beautiful people!! I really hope you are enjoin all the touring and exploring! Really miss your lovely faces and gorgeous cheeses at the market :)


    1. zupadream says:

      Wendy!!!! how sweet of you, thank you sooo much! we were thinking of you just the other day :) we started dumpser diving and found some amazing raw flax crackers that were thrown out at whole foods :D. hope the market is fun and calgary sunny!

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