Parallels of Plant Life and Human Life

Working in a garden, pulling out the weeds and trying to figure out which ones are good and which bad, reminded me of our own life, human life, more and more.

Sometimes when weeding, the roots are already so deep in the soil, it almost hurts to pull them. In fact, I pulled a muscle once by doing so! Do you see those parallels? Aren’t they so obvious?

In order to grow in their most productive and beautiful way, they need space. They need to get rid of destructive surroundings, such as weeds, that take them the air to breathe and the space to grow in whatever direction they need to. Bugs are another thing that will slowly eat them up.

Also, they need water, and sunshine to grow. Some more, some less. but in the end, it’s all about balance.

Isn’t it obvious how we are just the same?

Someone plants our seed, and, if we’re lucky, did that at the right time and pads us down real carefully. That loving won’t stop until we’re all grown up, standing alone, in beautiful strong shape, doing our job, living the life, like all those others.

Sometimes though, it might not quite go that way. But, we can still fight our way through the weeds, if we’re only strong enough.

Oh I see it now, clearly!

There is a big difference between those lives, in the end. We actually have the power to get rid off the weeds and the bugs in our life. We can look at them carefully and decide, what helps us into growth and bloom, and what doesn’t.

We are very privileged to be able to guide our life towards a destination. Set that. Work for it. Love yourself. Give yourself the water and the sunshine and weed out the pain.


photo courtesy: asmaa abas (
photo courtesy: asmaa abas (

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