Homemade Vegan Döner Kebab


Not kidding. I just could not believe how damn delicious this homemade Döner was. You know how Germany is famous for its best Kebabs? It is true. But not so much for Vegans. Especially not at every little Kebabhouse, the biggest problem being the sauce when all they can offer instead of Yogourtsauce is chili sauce and you can’t feel your face out of uncomfortable reason anymore (and I eat spicy believe it).

So I had a lot of vegetables today that needed to be used, and just a quarter of a huge 90c Turkish bread. Just went grocery shopping the other day at the local Turkish store and got some tasty spreads and the freshest of fresh spinach, parsley and cilantro.

And then this happened.


Uh yeah. Right.

For the fatty crispy eggplants that carry a lot of flavor:

Slice and marinate with salt, minced garlic, parsley, cilantro and soysauce. Add a bit of water so it can soak in, let that sit for a few hours if you have the time.

Once the other steps are done, dry them off slightly on kitchentowel and turn in a bit of flour. Pan fry like you would a good old schnitzel, in lots of oil until they are cooked through.

Preheat the oven to 375/180. Any (root)vegetables you got, peel them if desired and slice bite size. I used butternut squash, sweet potato and beets. Simply cause they were in desperate need. I imagine potatoes being killer, because they always are :) Add all the cubes to a bowl and cover with lemon juice, a hint of oil, salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne. And if you have a yummy middle eastern or italian spice mix, go ahead! If you are into nutritional yeast (I am), add a tablespoon as well. Mix well by hand and make sure all is moist enough. Moiiist. Line a baking tray/pan with parchment paper, dump those veggies in and off into the oven. I personally mixed the beets in afterwards cause I didn’t want everything to be purple.


For the spicy rice. Fry a cup of rice in a teaspoon of coconut oil. Add tomato or paprika seasoning, salt and a teaspoon of Samal Olek or any other spicy paste. Add two cups of water and simmer.


If you’re having a good day, the veggies and rice should be ready at just about the same time, so go ahead and fry those unhealthy eggplant babes. Take the veggies out if soft enough, switch off the oven, cut a triangle of the Turkish bread, slice through the center, sprinkle the whole thing with water and leave it in the oven.

Wash spinach.

For sauces I used: Tahini and spicy Sambal on the base, Ajvar (Paprika Spread) on top, then spinach, eggplant, rice, veggies, the herbs that were left from marinating, more spinach and avocado.

Then sit outside to eat because it’s about to get messy.


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