SCHMUSI Smoothie

THIS SMOOTHIE IS MADE WITH AND FOR LOVE ! It’s so good you will want to share it with someone and make out. Sorry.


It tastes like those spiced Christmas Cookies that we call ‘Spekulatius’. But there is non of that stuff in it! This is a comforting smoothie, tasting silky and velvety and just what you need on a cold morning to get back on feet.

Blend (Serves 2):

2 Bananas
4 Figs
1 cup of non-dairy milk
1 Tsp. of Maca or Hemp
1 Tsp. of Tahini or Nut Butter
1 Tsp. of Vanilla

Mhhhhh yes. I like it just like that. No sweetener needed. If you would want it even a touch sweeter, just add some liquid sweetener of your choice to it. Maca is wonderful for hormonal balance, hemp is a kick ass plant based protein and tahini is full of iron. Bananas you know -potassium – and figs besides being great in everything they are also sexysexy -an aphrodisiac.

I finish it up with a bit of fresh vanilla and don’t even think about wiping my spekulatius-moustache.

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