Not-Green Smoothie Bowl

Vibrant colors are great and I love to eat green, but what’s even better is when your smoothie (bowl) full of spinach ends up looking more like chocolate – even there is no chocolate at all! Buuhyaa.

I am not actually the biggest smoothie fan; if I like them, they must be damn good or rather runny. If they taste ‘nothing but healthy’ if you know what I mean, than I’d much rather gulp down a juice. Anyhow, I really started enjoying smoothie bowls. Eaten with a spoon, and with some crunchy topics added on they are a light, energy packed breakfast full of good stuff that have the ability to wake up both your body and brain the best. A heavy breakfast is good fun and I will never stop loving them and feasting on them but they are not for every day. The busier our bodies are with digestion, the less we can focus on our work, or whatever it is we do morning until afternoon. Which is why I advise to start your day right, with some (overnight) oatmeal, fruit, smoothies, or smoothie bowls.

Here is mine from this morning. Great intake of iron, proteins, antioxidants and for hormonal balance.


1 Banana
Just cover the bananas with nut/non-dairy milk
A great handful of fresh spinach
A few leaves of cilantro if available
A small handful of frozen berries
2 Dates
1 tsp Maca (use your favorite ‘Superfood’ or Protein Powder-or nothing- instead)

Blend until creamy and well combined. You might have to push the ingredients around a bit by opening the access hole on the lid of your blender.

Top up with

Sesame Seeds
Coconut Flakes
(Homemade) Granola :)


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