Free Magazine: Mindful Travel in Canada

Hey everyone,

I don’t know if you just stumbled upon this post, or you have been waiting for this actually to happen because you read my posts on Instagram on Facebook. Anyhow, the first issue of ‘The Vegabond’, a Vegan Friendly – Mindful Travel magazine is now finished. A lot of hours of work and I am happy it is done. I couldn’t organize any proof-reading and I hope the typos won’t be too many and you are funny enough to laugh about my English :-).

57 pages. Here is a glimpse to the content.

Screenshot 2015-12-07 19.20.41

A lot of different content, many fabulous recipes, wonderful guest-features.

I am proud of this baby, and I hope it will be helpful to some, now and in the future. I would be more than thankful if you could help spread the word about this free guide to a nourished lifestyle (on the road) and help to reach out for Veganism and mindful travel.

Thank you very much and enjoy! Feedback is very very welcome :)

The Vegabond Issue #1 – Canada Guide – Free Download 

the-vegabond-issue 1.CC

IMPORTANT: By clicking on the link the PDF will likely open in your browser. Please download it to your computer afterwards, open it in your reader and select ‘View’, ‘Page Display’, ‘Two Page View’. Then, go again to ‘View’, ‘Page Display’ and also select ‘Show Cover Page in Two Page View’. Only this way the magazine will be displayed as it is designed and look proper ;-).

You can also read the magazine online using the following link

Screenshot 2015-12-04 13.29.36

Thank you so much!


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