FREE Guide – Probiotic Juice Cleanse

To all of you – I worked this out a year ago, after backpacking for 6 months eating plant-based. Eating out of the car, in fancy restaurants in the states, all raw for a month on an organic farm in Costa Rica. Putting my body through all kinds of hard circumstances.

Now, I wanted to cleanse but with taking care of the colon- primarily. Because that is where all our vitamins, minerals, are absorbed and where immune system begins.

So this is not all about only juicing – it is up to you how strict you are on staying on liquids. But this cleanse is focusing on doing it cheap, quick, gentle and loaded with probiotics. Dinner is yogurt, by the way!

Well, life has been busy for me ever since, and now that I ‘ve had a lot of time and actually quite a bit more knowledge, as I started naturopathy school in June, I edited and finished up this cleansing program. I hope you enjoy! Please do let me know your opinion on it.

Happy detoxing,





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