Vegan – Passion or Religion?

I gotta tell you all something.

You know what.

Eating Vegan is just so easy.

Really, I love that phrase that my friend just said the other day, when we talked about it. And I loved it, because I told him about how I am so tired of the questions & being the topic during every shared meal. How I slowly start hating the word ‘Vegan‘ (just the word) only because I hear it too often.

And he said ‘I get you. But you know, to me,  it is just so easy.’

I usually say ‘No it is not actually so hard.’ and then I get into detail along the path and how to blablabla.

And there it was. Simplest answer. It is the easiest thing in the world.

I mean, truly people, everything is easy, once you set your mind around it. Willpower is everything. 

And no, health is not endangered. Actually, not at all.

I think you notice how I am still truly passionate about Veganism. I have to say, I truly love it, the whole concept, adore it, feel it, it resonates with me. My true philosophy and also my bodies nutritious needs. Full stop. [and studying naturopathy, I am aware that it is NOT the ideal way to live and nourish for everyone].

But, even I have more love and excitement for a piece of broccoli smothered in a sauce of almond butter and nutritional yeast and no other food could make me feel sexier, I started drifting.

And I felt so much guilt around it first. Holiday in Greece. Feta Cheese forgotten on Salad.
What to do? – STRESS.

As I slowly start listening to my body more and more, and intuition comes through, I learn that religiously living some rules is not my thing.

Labeling. Was never my thing. Putting people into boxes. Never my thing. Saying the word hipster. Never my thing. Being politically extreme, never my thing.

So why was I a strict Vegan for 2 years?

First: It totally switched my health and body shape. Finally understanding that chronic bronchitis and tonsillitis came from not digesting milk. [side note: thanks doctors for all the antibiotics and not mentioning the word nutrition once. No, sorry, thanks educational system for not teaching our doctors the basics.]

Second: I felt powerful. I didn’t know I had such amazing massive willpower and could be so strict. Especially because I was so obsessed with food and I loved stuffing my face with dead meat without questioning it.

Third: It made me a much more thoughtful and aware person. 

Then why am I not a 100% strict Vegan now anymore?

#1: Because I am not a born activist and I hate having to put my opinion out there with just about anyone.
#2: Because that made me so effing tired. So so so tired.
#3: Because I am easy-going & curious within that.
#4: Because I learn how important it is for health to follow a craving.
#5: Because it is probably not natural and I am still all, full-heart behind Vegan theory, but it’s maybe not the worst to taste a cheese made from an organically raised cow / or goat.
#6: Because I hate labels.
#7: Because even I understand why people can’t leave me alone for it, I am still too sensitive a soul to take their comments and criticism on a daily.

So what is my balance? How do I find happiness within my vegan heart?

I still identify myself with Veganism. My favorite food is Vegan food. Actually, I still and will live 90% Vegan.

But, please forgive me brothers and sisters. I don’t have the power to stand up for it every single day anymore. Don’t have the power to say the word to a server in the restaurant. I surrender. And I do so gracefully and proudly.

In short: I am going to be 90-95% vegan in my home, traveling and being invited  I will try to look for the ‘most-vegan-possible’ option without being too picky.

And I won’t feel bad about that. I am done with it. I won’t feel sad after tasting a piece of cheese if my body is calling me towards it.

And I also won’t feel sad about being judged for it by those who judged me for not doing so beforehand.

I understand that people like to judge. Please go ahead.

I laugh about those that cheer every bit of Veganism that I loose as if it gave them anything.
I smile about those accepting any of my choices.
I look up to those that grocery shop with awareness and nourish following their true intuition!

Love the Veggies. But love yourself more.

Peace and Amen!
Sex, Drugs & Rosenkohl.


2013-06-17 09.01.47
(This is me, a lot of years back, when in
Vietnam I tried to have one vegetarian
day per week :) Things change. And that is totally okay.)

2 thoughts on “Vegan – Passion or Religion?

  1. Doro says:

    Hey Kris, great Blog! I really love and understand your attitude. I have been a vegan for almost two years myself and I had to discover that life is about so much more and there are times when we just have to surrender. It makes me sad that eating generates so much stress and separation nowadays. I also felt kinda guilty and always felt like I had to explain myself when I started eating meat again because I couldn´t tolerate plant base protein sources anymore and also no eggs and dairy.
    You are going through so much personal growth here and it´s just cool to see that you let it happen and don´t resist it. Who knows what comes next and how much more we can be and in what other great ways we can serve this world?

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