Her name is Kristin

Current Location: Calgary, Canada

I am the creator/founder of ZUPAdream. And I would like to tell you a bit of its short history. I started this blog one year ago from now (October 2012), the actual preparation started in August, after I graduated. In 2012 I decided that I am going to leave Germany after school and I wanted this blog to be a possibility of writing down the experiences I was dying to make. A whole different culture. Different food. Different circumstances of living. I wanted less running from one thing to the other. Rushing through life. So European, so German. My goal was to live off the least, don’t care about money and fancy things. Think to the most, open my eyes for the beauty that’s out there. Enjoy and appreciate being alive. I went to Vietnam. And I did all of that. And I wrote it down and shared it here. Stories and recipes, mostly.
With the new year of 2013, I had an old friend from Italy asking me if she could share some of her phenomenal projects on ZUPAdream. I was MORE than honoured and of course said YES!! Her name is Rebecca, her artwork is gold. I changed the design of the blog and announced her contribution festively to the new year. I was so proud. ZUPAdream started out as a base to publish all kinds of thoughts, little poems, long and short stories, recipes, my photography, Rebecca’s beautiful Do-It-Yourselfs, and by April ’13, Stories out of the daily life of a Saigonese named ‘Saigon Diary’, with different people contributing their stories. How beautiful. I loved that so much. Sharing is Fun!
I invited Jen a fellow blogger and wonderful friend in Saigon, to keep writing for the diary and sharing her travel experiences on ZUPAdream, she said YES! Jen is one of the easiest persons to talk to and as much as I enjoy conversations with her, I admire her writing. She is a smart-ass-kick-ass hero.
Another great friend of mine started her blog miles and miles away in Germany, blogging in German. She is one of the most cheerful, motivating, funny and inspiring girls I know, and I loved her blog as soon as I saw it. It is about how to get your young asses out of the so-called ‘Quarter Life Crises’ and be positive. I wanted her guestblogging so bad and asked her to translate some of her articles to English and publish them  here every now and then. She said YES!
The next change was the hardest one. I decided to leave Vietnam as I wasn’t satisfied with my place as a teacher, my living situation, and a lot of other small issues which are mostly of governmental origin. I love this place with all my heart, but at this point, July 2013, I didn’t feel like I was supposed to be there anymore, I had to leave, at least for a while. With a broken heart I asked my friend ‘Banana’, a Vietnamese bundle of energy and a great cook, to post Vietnamese recipes every now and then, to keep the Vietnamese influence flowing. She said YES!

And this is how this blog became what it is now. A wonderful collection of thoughts, inspiration, recipes, food and restaurant reviews, photography, advises on travelling, insights on the crazy life of today’s Saigon, DIY’s, and hopefully lots of inspiration for your daily life.

5 girls & 3 different continents.

I love  the radio playing the right song at the right time, voiceless laughing because you’re out of breath, hugs, looking at old pictures, airports, when I can feel the cold drink running down my throat, chest and all the way into my tummy, walks, mountains, water, the whole earth generally, the trees, the animals, talking to them! diving towards the sun through the water, the smell of horses, reunions, the physical to love & pain.


Her name is Rebecca

Current Location: Turin, Italy

I put the “practical” in “kitchen”! I share creative tips on how to conciliate everyday life and cooking. Also, I include silly drawings.

I met Kris in Ireland in 2008, where we used to party every other day. She was always so full of energy it was impossible not be infected with good mood!

I Love: the sea, sleeping, the warm confort of a duvet, blanket forts, cats, getting new pencils, watercolors, trains, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Connect with me:


Her name is Jen Graham

Current Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I explore the challenges of life as a British woman living within different cultures (currently Vietnam). I am a Female in Motion.

I met Kris whilst she lived in Vietnam. She actually met my boyfriend first when she had to give him a lift to work one day and they got a flat tyre. He said she was a cool gal, so I invited her and her fella to one of our parties. It was love at first sight.

I love: being a woman, eating until I am about to burst, cuddling with my cat in the mornings, having a new hobby every week, riding my motorbike like a boss, swimming in an ice cold pool, napping when I should be working.


Connect with me: Check out my blog over at http://jencanjump.wordpress.com, like me on FB http://www.facebook.com/jencanjump



Her name is Jasmin

Current Location: Graben-Neudorf, Germany

I translate my original articles from my German blog into English and publish them on Zupadream.

Kris and I met through a friend while I was studying in the Netherlands. She stayed with us a lot in exchange for yummy food, wine and beer.

I love: The crackling sound of autumn leaves under my shoes, bursting out in song at random moments in the day, eating ice cream until I get sick, going on walkies with my doggy woggy, getting to know people’s life stories with every single beautiful detail.

Connect with me: http://Jasminscoaching.com



Her name is Khanh, but everybody calls her Banana!

Current Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I share my knowledge about Vietnamese cuisine and my living experience in Vietnam

I met Kris’ friend Jo first. And when she came to Vietnam, we met each other and became friends!

I love: traveling, cooking, foods, photography, shoes and motorcycle


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