People living in big cities, writing about their everyday experiences.

Do you have a story that tells a lot about the place you are living in or the place you visited? Please share it here with us! Type it into this form, choose your real name or a fake name or just say anonymous and I will post it to Zupadream for you. Please share your story! No matter in which way it is important to you, because it made you angry, made you laugh, confused you or amazed you. I want to hear about it and share it to create a true and informative collection of real-life experiences.


One thought on “Diaries

  1. Adrien says:

    Hi everybody ! I’m coming to tell you some stories about living in Saigon (HCMC).
    I think, for some people, it will be most of the time bad stories or scary stories… But i think it’s still funny ! Because Vietnam blow your mind !
    The first one, I was working in my apartment in a building in district 12.
    Just came back 3 days from some weekend trip (and bad trip also) in Cambodia with my girlfriend… In fact the good trip was that i was with my girlfriend in Cambodia. The bad trip is the fact that we go there to get a free visa for Vietnam promise by one student i had, yeah “had” because not student anymore, which was finally 120 dollars extra charges with invitation letter… (T-T) hum… hum… When you know you can get one for 30 dollars in saigon… How to say… *biiiiip*, *biiiip*, *bip*, *biiiiiiiip*… *bip bip* !
    So, first advice, when vietnamese said something bigger than you, just don’t believe them… Or believe them and have some fun but loose many money haha ! Just kidding but be careful.
    I know you’re saying to yourself “Why this guy telling that to us ?”, because it’s an important part of my story : visa.
    You know, in Vietnam, you have to be registered to the nearest police station from your home. They write that you are there and that your visa is ok.
    The first thing i did when we get back, give my passport with that expensive visa (= _ =) to the managers of the building… Yeah managers… Only to girls who look at you like you’re bothering them every time you come in their office… Even to pay them !
    They made a photocopy of my passport. I turn my head and say to my girlfriend : “Finally done… Let’s not talk about visa for the next 3 months !!!!!”.
    3 days passed. Here come the DAY !
    I was working on a video editing, i’m cameraman and editor, around midnight and i heard somebody knocking on the door.
    Surprised, i made the decision to not open. I stay in my bed.
    5 seconds later, others knocks and they ring at my door bell one time, two times, three times, four times… Maybe 20 times !
    I started to feel really scared so i jump from my bed, with only my underwear and my little blanket to cover my big body.
    I open the door and the first thing i saw is a guy with a big scar on his face !
    He push me and come inside my apartment, around 15 cops following him.
    I just stayed stun like maybe 20 seconds looking at them sit on the chairs and looking around.
    The scar face man start to speak first : “Passport !”.
    I look at him… Look at him a second time… And say : “What ?” with a little shaking voice.
    “Passport !” he said again with an angry face.
    My brain did *tilt*, ok… they are here for my visa ! My managers didn’t give them the photocopy of my visa !!!!!!!
    I went in my room to give them my passport.
    They looked at it and the scary scar guy said with a little nice voice :
    “You had to give your visa to your managers !”
    I said “I did that 3 days ago !”
    And finally, after translate in vietnamese for the others cops he said “It’s ok mister, thank you and bye bye ! Have a good night !” with a big smile and hit my shoulder like we are friends since a long time…
    As fast as they get in, they get out.
    Leaving me alone my legs shaking like a leaf, scared… And barely naked…
    That’s my story, hope made you laugh !
    See you space cowboys.
    Ps : sorry for my english, I’m french (^–^)

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