Talking about the easiest way to find happiness – through a delicious meal


My recipes on this blog are to be shared with friends, family and everyone that always liked or will like my food! 

Furthermore I want my recipes to tell stories, for example about their cooks, about the culture of their origin, about how they came to be like they are. Like this my biggest goal is to collect original international recipes from cooks (private or professional) all around the world. The map will show you exactly where my posts come from, the titles will sometimes also indicate the cooks names, and I will always try to give the STORIES itself a particular character to open up your imagination for what they taste like, what they are about, what they mean to me, and also what you can make out of them yourself.

This all might sound a bit exaggerated when talking about food for a few of you and to be honest some recipes wont bring the whole storyloaded package that I just promised, but they will be posted because I personally adore them and find them worth a share.

One important notice for my recipes: I won’t always indicate the accurate amounts of my ingredients, as I don’t really cook like this. You have to decide and calculate in regard to your taste and how much you cook. No meal will taste the same forever and always, so feel free to add/leave stuff.  Also I have to say I don’t use too many spices, especially salt. I’m a fan of spicy (by the way, you can train that, as well as most of tastes and ingredients!) but I’m really no fan of a lot of salt. But as I know many of you always need the salt cellar on the table, I please you to just keep in mind that I don’t salt so much and you might need to add to that ;-). I really like the actual tastes of the food and ingredients, for me that’s the magic about it, smelling and tasting and tada, happiness. 

You find all recipes at the A-Z list, at the map, and via the correspondent categories.

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