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How to become an English teacher and find a place to live in Saigon

The Saigon Diary (these are stories from Saigon, one of the craziest and best cities on this planet, written not only by zupdreamers but expats living in SG:) )

Saigon Diary – Message in a bottle: S K I N
Saigon Diary – Security Issues
Saigon Diary: Cops at midnight, an apartment and a naked frenchman
Saigon Diary: ‘So Vietnamese’
Saigon Diary: VN against VNese
Saigon Diary goes Hanoi: To Customer Service – Vietjet Air
Saigon Diary: You’re welcome !
Saigon Diary: Everything is possible in Vietnam…
Saigon Diary: two dollars a heartbreak
Saigon Diary: How a 50% Led to My Mental Descent
Saigon Diary: The great escape in 1975 brought to you…
Saigon Diary: Don’t Worry, Be Happy (and Safe)
Saigon Diary: Running in HCMC

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Quotes from Vietnam
Introduction to Project Anonymous Quotes

Because flowers create miracles
Love should not break
Getting Away
The Expiry of Happiness
My School, My Home
A wonderful Dreamer
You plant something great, if you stop it, it dies! 


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